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Photo of Rubén Pérez Pérez

Biographical Info

  • Professor of Condensed Matter Physics.
  • Visiting Professor, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2012.
  • Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2001.
  • Visiting Scientist, Max-Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart (annual visits during 1997-1999).
  • HCMP Fellow & Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 1993-1996.
  • Ph.D. (Condensed Matter Physics), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1992.
  • Graduate in Theoretical Physics,   Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1987.

Research Interests

  • Theory of Scanning Tunneling (STM) and Atomic Force (AFM) Microscopes.
  • Adsorption, reactivity, and self-organization of molecules on surfaces.
  • Graphene and carbon nanostructures.
  • Oxide nanostructures for a hydrogen-based economy.
  • Structure and function of Biomolecules (proteins, DNA, PNA).
  • Nanomechanics: Fracture. Friction and Wear at the atomic scale.

Relevant/Recent Publications

  1. Rubén Pérez Nanoscale Friction: Distorted by the tip, Nature Materials 13, 118-119, (News & Views), (2014). [URL]
  2. H. Mönig, M. Todorović, M. Z. Baykara, T. C. Schwendemann, L. Rodrigo, E. I. Altman, R. Perez, U. D. Schwarz, Understanding Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Contrast Mechanisms on Metal Oxides: A Case Study, ACS Nano 7, 10233 (2013). [URL]
  3. G. Langewisch, W. Kaminski, D.-A. Braun, R. Möller, H. Fuchs, A. Schirmeisen and R. Perez, Understanding Dissipative Tip–Molecule Interactions with Submolecular Resolution on an Organic Adsorbate, Small 8 , 602(2012). [URL]
  4. M. M. Ugeda, D. Fernández-Torre, I. Brihuega, P. Pou, A. J. Martinez-Galera, R. Perez and J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, Point Defects on Graphene on Metals, Physical Review Letters 107 , 116803 (2011). [URL]
  5. M. Ondracek, P. Pou, V. Rozsival, C. Gonzalez, P. Jelinek and R. Perez, Forces and Currents in Carbon Nanostructures: Are We Imaging Atoms?, Physical Review Letters 106 ,176101 (2011). [URL]
  6. O. Custance, R. Perez and S. Morita, Atomic force microscopy as a tool for atom manipulation, Nature Nanotechnology 4,803 (2009). [URL]
  7. Y. Sugimoto, P. Pou, O. Custance, P. Jelinek, M. Abe, R. Pérez and S. Morita, Complex patterning by vertical interchange atom manipulation using atomic force microscopy, Science 322, 413-417 (2008). [URL]
  8. G. Otero, G. Biddau, C. Sánchez-Sánchez, R. Caillard, M. F. López, C. Rogero, F.J. Palomares, N. Cabello, M.A. Basanta, J. Ortega, J. Mendez, A.M. Echavarren, R. Pérez, B. Gómez-Lor and J. A. Martín-Gago, Fullerenes from aromatic precursors by surface-catalysed cyclodehydrogenation, Nature 464, 865-869 (2008). [URL]
  9. R. García, R. Magerle and R. Pérez, Nanoscale compositional mapping with gentle forces, Nature Materials 6, 405-411 (2007). [URL]
  10. Y. Sugimoto, P. Jelinek, P.Pou, M. Abe, R. Pérez, S. Morita and O. Custance, Chemical identification of individual surface atoms by atomic force microscopy, Nature 446 , 64-67 (2007). [URL]
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