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Work Module 5, Office 503, 5th floor.
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  1. Shear thickening of a non-colloidal suspension with a viscoelastic matrix. A. Vázquez-Quesada, P. Español, R.I. Tanner & M. Ellero, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 880, 1070-1094 (2019). [URL]
  2. Normal lubrication force between spherical particles immersed in a shear-thickening fluid, A. Vázquez-Quesada, N. J. Wagner, and M. Ellero, Physics of Fluids 30, 123102, (2018). [URL]
  3. Apparent slip mechanism between two spheres based on solvent rheology: Theory and implication for the shear thinning of non-Brownian suspensions, A. Vázquez-Quesada, Pep Español, and M. Ellero, Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 123302, (2018). [URL]
  4. SPH modeling and simulation of spherical particles interacting in a viscoelastic matrix, A. Vázquez-Quesada, and M. Ellerob, Physics of Fluids 29, 121609, (2017). [URL]
  5. Planar channel flow of a discontinuous shear-thickening model fluid: Theory and simulation, A. Vázquez-Quesada, N.J. Wagner, M. Ellero, Physics of Fluids, 29(10), pp 103104, (2017). [URL]
  6. Investigating the causes of shear-thinning in non-colloidal suspensions: Experiments and simulations, A. Vázquez-Quesada, A. Mahmud, S. Dai, M. Ellero, R.I. Tanner, Journal of Non-Newtonian fluid Mechanics, 248, pp 1-7, (2017). [URL]
  7. Theory and simulation of the dynamics, deformation, and breakup of a chain of superparamagnetic beads under a rotating magnetic field, A. Vázquez-Quesada, T. Franke, M. Ellero, Physics of Fluids, 29(3), pp 032006, (2017). [URL]
  8. Shear Thinning of Noncolloidal Suspensions, Adolfo Vázquez-Quesada, Roger I. Tanner, and Marco Ellero, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 108001, (2016). [URL]
  9. Analytical solution for the lubrication force between two spheres in a bi-viscous fluid, A. Vázquez-Quesada, M. Ellero, Physics of Fluids, 28(7), pp 073101, (2016). [URL]
  10. Rheology and microstructure of non-colloidal suspensions under shear studied with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, A. Vázquez-Quesada, M. Ellero, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 233, pp 37-47, (2016). [URL]
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