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Michel Frising

Postdoctoral ResearcherNanophotonics Group
Module 3, Office 404-1, 4th floor
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Biographical Info

I obtained a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Biophysics from the UAM in 2022 where I worked on applying neural networks to inverse photonic design. My PhD thesis titled “Machine Learning for Probabilistic Design in Nanophotonics” was co-advised by Ferry Prins and Jorge Bravo Abad. Before coming to UAM, I worked for my MSc thesis with Prof. Mikhail Kats at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on a device to enhance human color vision by breaking binocular redundancy. I hold a MSc in Micro and Nanosystems from ETH Zurich with a focus on photonics and nano-optics.

Honors and Awards

Cum Laude for my PhD thesis “Machine Learning for Probabilistic Design in Nanophotonics”
LaCaixa INPhINIT Fellowship.

Research Interests

I develop tools based on generative modeling using Neural Networks to do inverse design of photonic structures and to explore complex parameter spaces that could not be explored before with conventional methods.

Relevant/Recent Publications

  1. Tackling Multimodal Device Distributions in Inverse Photonic Design using Invertible Neural Networks, Michel Frising, Jorge Bravo-Abad, Ferry Prins, arXiv:2208.14212
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