Workshop on Transport Phenomena in the Nanoscale


This workshop is planned as an intensive seminar on numerical theory and practices applied to Condensed Matter Physics systems, with special emphasis on developing problem-solving and programming skills. The purpose is to bring the student closer to the most important topics of current research through a practical perspective that gives them the necessary tools to face small research challenges.

It will be structured around 3 fundamental blocks:

  1. Transport at the nanoscale: modeling advanced materials such as graphene and topological insulators.
  2. Location: from Anderson to the many-body problem. Quantum chaos.
  3. Interactions in solids: polarons, Hubbard model and excitons.

The workshop will include tutored practical sessions to carry out a research project circumscribed in one of the three content blocks.

The workshop is especially aimed at students in the last years of the Degree in Physics, Degree in Materials Engineering and Master students. Applications from students of these doctorates interested in topics will also be considered.

Data of interest:

Format and localization: double format, face-to-face or online, according to the preferences of each student. It will be taught in person at the Faculty of Physical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid (Room to be determined).

Enrollment: free, upon registration (follow this link) and selection of 30 students by the organizers, taking into account the applicants’ requests and profile.

Dates and duration: 20 hours of class, distributed according to the program (follow this link).

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