FPI: PhD. Opening in Quantum Themodynamics of Electronic Systems


Position type: PhD position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (FPI fellowship).

Topic: Heat transport in quantum coherent electronic conductors.

Duration: 4 years.

Principal Investigator: Rafael Sánchez (http://webs.ftmc.uam.es/rafael.sanchez/).

Requirements: Graduate in Physics and cursing (or having finished) a Master in topics related to this opening.

Deadline: between 13-27/10/2020

Applications will be submitted via the web page (in Spanish): https://t.co/v7u9sE2QAr?amp=1

Approximate starting date: spring-summer 2021

For more info: contact me at o rafael.sanchez@uam.es

A PhD position (Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2020) is available to work in subjects related to heat transport in quantum coherent electronic conductors, with an eye (or both) on the introduction of coherent heat sources in autonomous heat engines, and on their non-local response to non-equilibrium situations. The research will be carried out under the supervision of Rafael Sánchez. You can find more information about the contract and our research interests in the webpage: http://webs.ftmc.uam.es/rafael.sanchez/ and here (http://webs.ftmc.uam.es/rafael.sanchez/PhD-opening.pdf).

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