Francisco José García Vidal, IFIMAC Director, King Jaime I Prize in Basic Research


Francisco José García Vidal, Full Professor at the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Scientific Director at IFIMAC Condensed Matter Physics Center, has been awarded the King Jaime I Prize in Basic Research in its 2020 edition.

The jury has recognized his research activity which has been mainly focused on theoretical studies of light transmission through subwavelength apertures and Plasmonics related subjects.

F.J. García-Vidal started this activity during his postdoctoral stay at Imperial College of London and continued when he returned to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid at the end of 1996. During its scientific career has published 264  peer-reviewed articles. His citation record stands at more than 25.000 and the H-index is 75(WoS). The average citation per article is more than 95, and has been included in Clarivate compilation of most influential authors.  Since 2004, Prof. Garcia Vidal has supervised 14 PhD theses.

The Rey Jaime I Award recognizes researchers whose work is highly significant and has been developed for the most part in Spain. Throughout its 30 editions, it has been awarded to more than 146 researchers, the most important figures of the scientific, technological and entrepreneurial world of Spain.

We congratulate professor F.J. García Vidal.


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