Training Course in Open Source Queue Management System – Slurm

The Cátedra UAM-Fujitsu in collaboration with the Center for Scientific Computing of the Autonomous University of Madrid (CCC-UAM) has organized a training course in Open Source Queue Management System (Slurm) used in High-Performance Computing (HPC).

The course is aimed at researchers who want to leverage the resources of the CCC-UAM as well as Linux system administrators who want to implement Slurm.

The course will be taught in Spanish and will cover the installation of Slurm starting from scratch, system commands, user management commands and MySQL support. The idea is that the course involves practical training, so it will be complemented by numerous real examples.

REGISTRATION: To register it is only necessary to send a message indicating name, phone, email and linkage to the Campus UAM-CSIC to address. Registration is free but places are limited.

Date: 23-29 September, 2015.
Location: Laboratory Simulations of Center for Scientific Computing, module C-08, first floor, Autonomous University of Madrid, 28049, Madrid, Spain.
Duration: 20 hours, daily from 9:30 to 13:30.
Cost: Free
More details:

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