Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP

Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMPThe objectives of this course are to understand and practice the fundamental concepts of Parallel Programming with Message Passing and Shared Memory. The  course covers the two widely used programming models: MPI for distributed environments, and OpenMP for shared-memory architectures. It also presents some tools providing support in the development of parallel applications. The Debugger, to find the causes for application errors; Paraver, to beable to analyze the  behaviour of the parallelism; and Tareador, to extract task parallelism from applications. The course is taught using formal lectures, combined with practical/programming sessions.

REGISTRATION: To register it is only necessary to send a message indicating name, phone, email and linkage to the Campus UAM-CSIC to address. Registration is free but places are limited.

Date: 30 November – 4 December, 2015.
Location: Laboratory Simulations of Center for Scientific Computing, module C-08, first floor, Autonomous University of Madrid, 28049, Madrid, Spain.
Duration: 40 hours, daily from 9:00 to 18:00. [Agenda]
Cost: Free
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