Department of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Parallel Programming with OpenMP and MPI

Parallel Programming with OpenMP and MPI

A new edition on the “Parallel Programming with OpenMP and MPI” course will be held on November 2017. The course has been organized by the Scientific Computing Center of UAM and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS), and sponsored...


IFIMAC’s Master Grants for 2017-2018 – Closed

Condensed Matter Physics Center – IFIMAC through “Acreditación de Excelencia María de Maeztu” programme provides up to 4 Master Grants for candidates who wish to obtain an official master degree at Universidad Autónoma de...

Maxwell's Demon and Quantum Computers

Maxwell’s Demon and Quantum Computers

INC COLLOQUIUM – OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Title: Maxwell’s Demon and Quantum Computers. When: 20 June, 2017, 12h30 Where: Sala de Conferencias, Módulo 00, Faculty of Science. Speaker: Michel Devoret, Director of the Applied Physics Nanofabrication...